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August 9, 2009

Staying Lost until January

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Lost-Destiny Found
Because ABC’s agreement with show producers to end cult favorite Lost after six seasons, the last three being 16 episodes each, the network faced the challenge of keeping awareness of the series in viewers minds through the long break between May and the following year. The producers have always had creative viral marketing campaigns to keep fans interested with clues and extra-canonical characters sustaining the mythological mysteries, but in the break between last May’s time-bending finale and next winter’s premiere of the sixth and final season, executive producers Damon Lindleof and Carlton Cuse have pulled out the stops to exploit the many themes and storylines as the climactic events converge.
This will be a spoiler-free (regarding season 6, since I avoid such givaways) list of fun places to go to get your Lost fixes before the show answers all the questions it is going to. To get in the mood for next year, this Season 6 trailer is a thematic and emotional summing up of Season 5 and points to the Season 6, titled by ABC, “Destiny Found.” A few weeks ago at the San Diego Comic-Con, Lindleof and Cuse made their last visit with a huge audience and plenty of entertaining surprises. Fake ads and the panel session segments are here.
Lost U_logo
Those wishing to dive into the philosophies, science and and ancient cultures referenced on the series are advised to enroll in the ABC-sponsored Lost University where they can take all kinds of short courses, read books with show-related content that could shed light on the big ideas behind the series.

And of course, no Culture Beat Lost post would be complete without a reference to the indefatigable Jeff Jensen, Entertainment Weekly‘s house Lostophile who offers two recent additions to his Doc Jensen musings on the show. First, Jensen discusses the core themes and mysteries in Lost that have captured the imaginations of so many fans. Even for seasoned viewers, this is a useful primer that summarizes the show thus far. Then there’s the two-part “Diary of a Super Fan” that gets touchingly personal as Jensen expresses how the show hooked him and helped him get through some trying times. Finally, if you’re wondering what EW readers of Jensen’s Lost scribblings think are the show’s main must-answer mysteries, go here to see that sometimes surprising survey.

That’s my list–have you found interesting Lost-related sites you can share? Send them in to the comments section and spread the fun.


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