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About The Culture Beat

This is a blog by and for people who love God but also love movies, television, sports, science, music, theology, books, and other things made
by human beings. We at The Culture Beat are people who frankly love to talk about these things but are aware that underlying them all is something more important and more lasting than the latest album, mp3 download, or blockbuster film. Although pop culture is ultimately a fleeting, changing thing, it still exerts a powerful force on how we think about God, life, and the universe. On this blog’s pages, we will post our thoughts and reactions to the cultural waves and blips if only to note them and to discuss their relative significance.

We are Christian in our overall framework but you will see how diverse perspectives can be as our various members express themselves. We differ in our interests in, knowledge of, and our opinions about these various topics. We believe our faith inevitably shapes the way we look at these and other expressions of popular culture, but this blog won’t try to hand down an authoritative view on any of these subjects.

The term “The Culture Beat” refers to the way a newspaper will assign reporters to cover various sites where news originates-city hall, the police reports, sports, entertainment, local, etc. Pop culture is our beat. We won’t be comprehensive, but we will cover a big range of subjects. We hope you will join us in the discussion, debate, and fun of observing what’s happening in the culture.


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