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My book is finally here! You can order it now from Barnes & Noble or Amazon. Make sure and read it so that when it comes out on Oprah, you can say, “I already read it.” (Just kidding, folks. While I may have aspirations of my book being on her list — and if any of you know her, please get it to her; she’d love it — I have no expectations!)

1413798462From the back cover (for those of you who insist on knowing what the book is about before you buy it): Katie Means is mad at God. First, he made her son, Patrick, handicapped. Now he’s letting the government close her son’s school. There’s nothing for her to do except take matters into her own hands – rubber-gloved, of course, because what Katie has decided to do is steal from the rich and give to the poor. The rich just happen to be members of a too conservative church, the one pastored by her husband, the Rev. Kevin Means. Katie enlists the help of Jack Jordan, the recently released career thief Katie helped to put away. Whether it’s through Jack, her husband, her counselor, her best friend, or obnoxious church women, Katie finds that God just won’t leave her alone. Justified Means combines humor, tragedy, faith, unbelief, absurdity, and a good streak of larceny in the life of an ordinary woman.

Read chapter one here.


Cher Smith worked at Denver Seminary as an editor, writer and graphic designer for ten years. While there, she earned a degree in Philosophy of Religion. She taught philosophy and English at Colorado Christian University. For one glorious semester, she taught “Faith and Film,” which shaped a good deal of the content of her upcoming book, “Heroes, Whores and Hobbits: Visual Parables about God, Faith and Humanity.”

Cher began writing when she was eight, folding over notebook paper to make it look like a book. Her first book back then was Lazy Bones. It was never published, probably with good reason. Cher is the author of the real books The Falcon and the Serpent and Justified Means. She is the co-author (with Stan Perea) of The New America: The America of the Moo-Shoo Burrito and of Stan’s upcoming “Christianity in America: From a Kingdom to a Republic.”

Cher lives in Denver with her husband, Stephen, and their son, Joshua. Their daughter, Becky, is a meteorology grad student in Florida.

Becky’s casual essay on AFI’s 100 Movie Scores (announced Sep. 23, 2005) can be found here.

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